Coming Out about Your First Pregnancy

Posted By on May 3, 2013 | 0 comments

The moment we found we found out we were going to be parents we could hardly believe it.  It only took us a few months of trying.   I am really grateful for that!  Even after just a few months you can start to wonder if everything is okay. 

My heart goes out to those couples who have been trying for many months or years (if you’re not already synced be sure to use the “My Days” app or something similar to get on target with her ovulation cycle).

Once the awe of the change that had just entered our lives had subsided we filled with excitement.  I’m still glowing, weeks later!  And I imagine I’ll be like throughout our pregnancy. This is the most exciting future I’ve ever looked forward to.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  This excitement is at a whole new level.  Every time I think about this little baby, growing inside Deb or holding her in my arms, my heart melts a little.

And I want to share this joy and excitement with the world!  I love telling people about it!  I’ve told people over the phone, video chatting on Skype, face to face, Facebook messages, etc. and it’s always so much fun to tell others!

Funny side note: the two most common questions are: have you figured out the name?  And/or Was it planned?

One thing I’ve learned in this process is a special method for telling other people.  I’m a quick learner, I know.  My mom and dad have always thought I was cool too ;).  Lol.  I may have found the best method for coming out about your pregnancy.  The key is to tell different people (or groups of people) gradually over time.  Before you rush off thinking this absolutely mundane, and not worth reading, just hear me out.

Pregnancy is a fascinating time, to put it in a way likely only the man would … really it can be downright f&@^ rough.  So it seems important to me that it’s shared with others in a positive way.  Everyone who truly loves you is going to be excited for you (provided you’re excited too).  So share it with them personally.  I’ve been sharing it with everyone who’s special to me.  For some of them it will let them know I still care about them, though we’re not always in touch.  For others it’s just a drop of positivity in their day.  Either way, it is a great way to spread your love out into the world and share it with people you care about.

It’s just about sharing and growing the love you have for this little one.

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