The Parents We Want To Be

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This is for those moments when you feel like you’re not doing such a great job at being a parent.  Those moments you might even feel like you HAVE to be in the running for the worst parent in the world.  Hint: You’re not!  :p And we’re all in this together.  Any parent who doesn’t understand that is missing something.

beautiful-baby-sleepingThere were dreams we had for our children before they were ever born.  We imagined them running, laughing, dancing, holding our hands, and growing up (too fast).  What beautiful dreams.  And though these dreams imagined a perfect world, a world that will never fully exist, it is not a wrong vision, not even a naive one, of life and parenting.

This is because when you are pregnant and when you begin to imagine your child and even when you are first a parent you have so much patience, so much love.  You will get up at any hour to change a diaper, and choose just cuddling or carrying your beloved new child for hours.  You will play with your daughter after work, even though you’re exhausted.  You’ll have a dance party just because.  At some point things may have changed for you and your family.  Perhaps it’s because life isn’t easy.  Perhaps we lost sight of what actually matters.

In the early days we are someone different … better even.

If you are reading this then I likely don’t know you.  And right now I don’t even know what it’s like to be a dad of someone who can talk to me.  My baby is still inside of her mother.  Perhaps you know me a bit (or a lot) from having read my blog.  Either way I believe that at some point you were the dad or mom that you’ve always wanted to be.  Maybe you are that person all the time (or most of the time).  Maybe right now you’re not.  Maybe now is a good time to remember that parent and become them again.

If there was ever a time when you held your baby in your arms at 3:13 am, after the work was done, just for love …  If there was ever a moment when you held hands not to cross the street but just for closeness and affection … If there was ever a time when you chose these or any time you chose love over what was complacent or easy then you have at least the seed of a great parent within you.  And I believe you can be that person, because it’s part of who you are.  You don’t know everything, but you have greatness within you.  If such a perfect moment came from your heart then how could you not?

You are a beautiful person, and your love is special.  If there is anything we do in our lives where we have to get up after every failure this is it.

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