A Mega List of Activities Your Kids (and You) Will ACTUALLY Enjoy

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One of the best parts of being a dad is getting to spend time with your kid(s).  There are so many incredible activities we can do together.  I like to think of this as memory making, because in part it’s about savoring our time together.  It’s also largely about having fun :D.  In this list I’m hoping that you’ll find some activities to do with your kids that you haven’t thought of.  Also, it’s meant to serve as a resource for you to come back to :D.

So here are some kids activities that you’ll both love:

Variety Show (aka Talent Nights) Together -  Would be fun to have a week to prepare, also a great way to share the awesome stuff we’re all learning.  When they do speeches in schools it’s going to be E-A-S-Y!  Feel free to invite family friends and family members to this!

Karaoke -  This will be a great chance to share music together.  And we can practice our singing together.  How much fun is this going to be?  Moments like this make all those dirty diapers and temper tantrums worthwhile!  And you’ll both cherish them for the rest of your lives.

Dance Parties – I know a lot of dads won’t be into this right out of the gate.  But seriously get over yourself!  It’s important for our boys and girls that you do.  Our problem might be having too many dance parties, lmao!  Might have to warn them that I can actually dance all night ;)

Face Painting –  This one is so much fun!  The idea here is to face paint your son or daughter and have them face paint you.  It may sound too simple to be tons of fun, but just get into it.  This is a good touch activity, because you’ll be touching each other (on the face).  Be sure to take pictures at the end.

Nature Walks – Before you start to yawn, just hear my spin on it.  Let’s say we each take 20-30 minutes to learn about a few different things in our area.  Then we go for a walk in the park … we’re already going there for our furry family member anyway (that’s the dog in case you’re not that good at math, jk).

Science Experiments – Every one should be somewhat scientifically literate.  It is EXTREMELY important.  With our kids the buck stops with us.  Science is about understanding the world using powerful tools of thought.  What can be more beautiful or profound than understanding a piece of this world? Or the cosmos?  One of these days I’ll make a post about 10 amazing science experiments to do with your kids.

Writing Stories Together – I used to be an English teacher, so I may have a bit of an advantage here.  But hey we’re not talking about Pulitzer Prize material here.  It’s just about writing, creating, sharing, and feeling good about it.

Decorate the House – This activity is only limited by your imagination (and the homemade decoration ideas you can find on Google).  One of these days I’d like to make a list of decorations to make with your child.  If you’re reading this it means that list hasn’t been created yet :(.  But don’t worry friend, life will go on! haha.

Story time! – ZOMG!  I can’t wait to tell stories with my kids!  Sure we’ll read stories, but I also want to pass on family and life history.  I’ll see if I can find a way to fit the story of the universe in there too :P.

Movie Making – You may have guessed by now that I’m not a cinematographer.  In all likelihood you’re not either.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get better at it if you just think about it though.  Anyway, the bigger point is that we can have some amazing fun just making “movies” together.  They probably won’t win us any Oscar nods, but … don’t be surprised if you see me giving my acceptance speech soon enough (yeah right!).  I bet when we’re in the twilight of our lives these movies will be as priceless as anything can be.  Sure I might have to do most of the editing work while they’re young, but that’s another cool thing for them to learn as they grow up.

Music Video – This is just a different form of movie making I guess.  If you work on the creation of movies or music videos, please understand I’m not trying to take away your job.  When you see our videos you may be a little scared, but don’t worry.

Gift Making – I love gift giving.  In the end I’d love for my kids to appreciate giving even more than getting gifts.  Giving is an important part of being a compassionate person.  The positive side effect of helping them become great at making gifts is that they can make awesome gifts for you too ;), lol.

Building Stuff – I’m not the most handyman sort of guy.  With that said I think my kids should learn how to handle building some things, and using their hands.  If the opportunity arises we’ll do it together.  Thank goodness for Google and Youtube!

Enjoying “Silence” Together – Sometimes it’s good to dwell in the silence.  By that I mean we need to shut our mouths :P.  We don’t have to talk all the time (or dance).  It will be interesting to see when they can do some meditation.  And hey I’m not some way out there new age kind of guy.  Meditation just makes life better.  It’s an important skill for a balanced human being.  Will be fun too take to moments in nature to just listen (count the different sounds makes it into a game).

Dressing Up – This can obviously be combined with basically any other activity!  It’s also it’s own breed of awesome that can be taken out in public or just used as an excuse to strut it :P, lmao!  Can also be turned into a fashion show (for boys and girls).

P.S. I may or may not add to this list in the future.  There are just so many great activities to do with kids!  If there are any you think I should add then just let me know.

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